Clock - Granite table top

Clock - Granite table top and stand

Greyhound - Granite table top

Greyhound - Granite table top

Martini glass - Granite table and stand

Rustic Steel table base

Cubes - Granite table and stand

Lighthouse - Granite table top


Sailboat - Steel table base

Ducks flying - Granite table top

Bear - Granite table top with log base

Sunburst closeup - Granite table top

Sunbursts - Granite table and custom stand

Deer - Granite table top

Deer closeup- Granite table top

Bear - Granite pieces displayed

Sunburst closeup - Granite table top

Sunburst - Granite table top



Distinguished Stone Works partnering with Wynn Inc., offers the look of rare and unique designs. Together with personal experience in machining and carpentry united by way of leading edge technology, we can bring designs that add flavor to anyone's décor. Of which is not limited to just one material. Our project have consisted of wood, metal, stone, plastic and glass. With this array of materials items can be created for interior spaces as well as exterior.  Come visit us for the unique item for a bar area or a conference table with a signature logo to showcase your proud corporation.
4290 N. Roosevelt Road • Stevensville, Michigan 49127
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